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Moment by Moment

I embrace and render what is offered, open to an ever-changing world. I love a myriad of subject matter, ranging from landscape to narrative and people, with a particular affinity for street photography. With a little luck, a photograph can share a figment of reality, a fleeting glimpse, and in that moment the invisible becomes real.

2023-09-23 07-13-58 - 0469-1-Resize.tif
Nantucket-21.4.2007 140 (57)-1.jpg
Isle VerteDSC_0028_028-1-2018-06-01.jpg
Couple under the Wall - West Berlin (DDR)-2ab.jpg
Montreal-2022-12-16-The Light Across the Street-4.jpg
2014-02-04-Montreal-Bird House with Jackhammer.jpg
Off-Road Tennessee 2023-03-31_DSC0420.jpg
Man on Street Outside Subway, Toronto 2023-05-31 16-11-26 - 0043- Resize.jpg
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