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Finding Daytona

"Everybody's looking for something..." Annie Lennox


Maybe sweet dreams or silence and sea, maybe not. In some ways, Daytona, a beach town, is not just on the edge of a Continent, but on the verge of another existence. Eternity beckons and wanes with the waves. Visitors and locals amble and admire the sky, the surf, birds and turtles, always with a niggling sense that something else awaits. As in any vista confronted with the vastness of sea and sky, or the grain of sand that is our mortality.

I was introduced to Daytona as a young man, saw my grandparents and parents enjoy and prevail among the condos, trailers and armadillos, married my wife on a beach there before a storm, and then saw that sun set. If I think of a day, any day that could be, from sunrise to moonrise, this is a day life might offer. In all its weird and wonderful bounteousness, its reality slap-down, what is to be will be. 

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